How to Apply for Lupiya Financing Online

2 min readJul 21, 2021


1. Visit the lupiya website

Open your mobile or PC browser and enter, if you are a new customer click on the ‘new customer’ option, if you are a returning customer click on the ‘returning customer option’.

2. Select a loan type

You can choose between a Salary advance, Collateral backed, Scheme (Mou) Loan or business loan. Once indicated which loan you are interested in the next step is to choose the amount you would like to get and for how long using the sliders provided.

3. Eligibility check

Enter your net salary before loans, other income if you have alternate sources of income, other loans you are currently servicing and reason for your current loan. After that check the required fields and click the ‘check eligibility’ button.

4. Apply

Congratulations!, you are eligible for X amount, you can now go ahead and apply for your loan and within 24 hours your loan will be processed.

If you face any challenges applying online don’t hesitate to get hold of us via email at or call +260 9622 84039.

Lupiya Team




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